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On you can buy artworks that are made especially for and nowhere else for sale. 1 or 2 times a month on Wednesday at exactly 09:00pm cet (21:00 Amsterdam time) we will sell a new work. These works are signed and numbered incl a certificate of authenticity.

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Nothing to Lose!
"Aftersale from the Nothing to Lose expo"


Aftersale from the "Nothing to Lose" expo in Amsterdam

After three productive years Multi Syndicate Crew says goodbye to 4 members. Together they transformed the walls of Amsterdam into colourful art and didn’t leave any canvas white. To reflect on this collaboration Mutli Syndicate invited various international artists to work together on a final exhibition, “Nothing to Lose”. From the 27th of June till the 30th of June 2014 the expo was open for visitors to see the results at the Slang in the Spuistraat in Amsterdam. In addition to the exhibition, artists made live paintings, they held a painting competition (who DUS Amsterdam won, congratz!) and all with musical entertainment by various DJs.

“Nothing to Lose” was organised by the Multi Syndicate Crew. Bustart, Zaira, Karma83, Skatin Chinchilla and Sket185 are part of this group. MSC collaborate a lot with different artists, these collaborations are translated into paintings. Works made by MSC together with Design Hugo Mulder, Lastplak, Bunny Brigade en DUS Amsterdam en Beastiestylez. Besides cooporated works there’s also personal work, like the artworks of Carl Kenz. We are proud to present to you the after sale of this expo which is a great mix of creativity.



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