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"Adam Sushi"
Adam Sushi, Zed1

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After a very successful sale of Zed1 in 2013, we are very proud to present the second sale of this unique and very talented artist. In the past year, Zed1 developed himself very well and managed to create more awareness. At the moment he got his first solo show ‘Frutti delle Mente’ at the Galo Art Gallery in Torino, Italy and this seemed like the perfect moment to offer you the artwork Adam Sushi.

Adam Sushi was made by Zed1, Marco Burresi (Italy) in response to the Kosmopolite art tour in Amsterdam. Café Roest based in Amsterdam East is the proud owner of the original mural he made for them.

Because we found it really special that he made references to his experiences of the city of Amsterdam (the many sushi restaurants that characterize our streets, the typical Dutch boathouses and of course the rainy days) we asked him to make a print out of this. But this is just not a print, each work is unique and made with different colors and are all hand finished. The work is not a direct copy of the mural, Zed1 adjusted his own inspirations true the medium of the paper.

The artworks of Zed1 can be characterised by a good dose of humour, a very unique and personal style, his recognizable figures, use of color and his close eye for details. He also loves to challenge and he creates an interaction with his audience. He is well known for his second skin projects. If one looks at first glance, the artwork seems as if it relates to the actual performance. But nothing is what it seems to be… this appears to be a second layer on the artwork composed of a thin layer of paper. The second skin can be torn from the artwork by the public and a second underlying layer, a new artwork, emerges from its shell.

Zed1 his figures come to life because each of them have their own characterizations. These are enhanced by the sheer precision and elaborate details. Like the rosy cheeks of the figure in Adam Sushi and the broken umbrella. Adam Sushi features all the unique facets of Zed1 and is therefore, again, a unique work of art that we are very proud of.



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