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On you can buy artworks of street artists that are made especially for and nowhere else for sale. 1 or 2 times a month on Wednesday at exactly 09:00pm cet (21:00 Amsterdam time) we will sell a new work. These works are signed and numbered incl a certificate of authenticity.

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Otto Schade
"HUMF - Hurry Up MotherFucker"
HUMF - Hurry Up MotherFucker, Otto Schade

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Otto Alexis Schade is a Chilean - German artist born in Chile in 1971. In 2004, he left his homeland to pursue his passion for art and ultimately show his work throughout Europe. He settled down in Europe, London, where he established his beautiful studio in Hoxton since 2006.

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But Schade is not just only in London. He travels the world to show his high quality works and to make people familiar with his distinctive style to obtain recognition. He got several exhibitions on his name in Chile, Germany, America, Japan, South Africa, Paris and the Netherlands.

Last summer he visited Amsterdam again and this resulted in several beautiful murals. We introduced him to Bustart & Zaira (MSC) and this resulted in a special collaboration. One of these murals represents the artwork ‘HUMF (Hurry Up MotherF*cker)’ we are now selling on

When we look at his paintings, two different styles can be observed. One is related to a dream world with metaphorical situations in which he explores the boundaries between reality and fiction. The themes he uses are derived from his personal artistic stories. These thought are gathered and reflected in a playful and artistic way. Therefore the viewer gets an idea of his dreams, obsessions and political issues.

On the other hand, he is experimenting with an abstract world in which a figurative representation occurs in the flatten surface. Depths with several layers of rotating "ropes" are creating an impressive and highly recognizable image of the object. His method involves a purely playful and experimental artistic impulse where images start to take place vibrantly at rather unexpected places and creatures begin to lend the artist to the final result. These figures appear to become free from a fixed form but at the same time these ropes keeps them together.

Both his freer, more expressive style as his stencil works are characterized by power. The powerful meaning of the stand-alone image that evokes recognizable emotions or the power of a message hidden in the image that forces you to think twice about the world we’re living in.

Therefore we proudly present to you ‘HUMF’. An familiar image which, for many of you, will remind you of the iconic movie of your youth. Schade approaches this image in a playful and artistic way to give it a new meaning. All works are made with stencils, so all unique, signed and numbered.



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