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Nils Westergard
Athena, Nils Westergard

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Nils Westergard is a 22 year old Belgian-American talented street artist and filmmaker based in Richmond, Virginia. With his work he focuses strongly on the nature of the authority and influence of his friendships.

After his studies at the film Academy, he received much praise for his graduation project Wallflower in which his visual image language coincides with the works he also makes on the streets.

After his studies, Nils decided to make a trip around Europe. With this trip he has received a lot of name recognition. After Reykjavik, Amsterdam was the first creative breeding ground that Nils visited and here we have met him. Amsterdam turned out to be a fertile city for him. At various places (like Volkshotel and Roest) within a very short time he achieved the most beautiful works.

After Amsterdam followed Prague and in Vienna he painted Athena in the form of a mural for the Livin Streets Festival. With a stopover in Belgium (where his grandparents live) he decided to continue his journey to Paris, London, the Hague and the Czech Republic where he created many works and met many artists.

Nils often works with stencils, a technique that he has taught himself, and paste-ups. In the city centre of Amsterdam Nils pasted paste-ups of Athena through the centre. As a signature for his works, Nils uses a creative butterfly. This recognizable tag for his murals, paintings, prints and stickers, comes from a painting he made when he was still in high school. However, this recognizable butterfly in Athena obtains a double layer by stressing the sense of freedom.

Creativity is in Nils his blood. His grandfather, Jos de Mey, is a highly-rated Belgian artist and this makes Athena even more interesting. Athena is the first work he created in his grandfathers studio in Zomergem near Ghent.

Athena has a political and social meaning. The image derived from a Ukrainian FEMEN protester. The FEMEN women are quite smart in their tactic of protesting topless, and often nude, as when they are inevitably photographed it is hard to side with those that are arresting them. The image of a powerful, yet nude and defenseless woman being quite literally manhandled by a big Ukranian cop captured the inequality and savageness that is all to present in those with just enough authority. Nils says: 'The defiance in her eye and her posturing really sold me.' In order to make the artwork Nils created ten different layers of stencils.

In addition to laden works, Nils also creates very accessible works. He often creates portraits of people who are dear to him. Laden or not, he always brighten up the streets with his wonderfull artworks. His murals and stencils can be found in Australia, Europe and the United States and his music videos and animations were shown at different festivals throughout the world.

Currently Nils finds himself in New York where he is going to make a huge mural for the O+ festival.

We see a great talent in Nils and we expect much of him, so keep an eye on this creative miracle!



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