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Aftersale Museumnight
"Amsterdam DNA: Street Art expo"


During the Museumnight 2014 together with Roel van den Sigtenhorst curated the exhibition 'Amsterdam DNA: Street Art' at the Jongensbinnenplein of the Amsterdam Museum. Our dream became true, street art in the environment of the museum. And this exhibition became a huge success!

The artists Skount, TelmoMiel, Super A, Laser 3.14, Max Zorn, Bustart & Zaira and Hugo Kaagman created high quality artworks specifically made for the Museumnight. Each artist worked with the overarching theme: 'Amsterdam DNA' which refers to the current exhibition in the Amsterdam Museum. The DNA of Amsterdam by each artist was given its own way.

Super A created the stunning sculpture 'Grenade'. Skount developed, together with The Visual Brother of Krux Amsterdam studios, the major installation 'Implosion, essence or a memory'. The artistic duo TelmoMiel created the puzzle box installation 'Tolerance'. 'Trade is not always fair ... ' was a double-sided installation of Bustart & Zaira. Hugo Kaagman chose to show a painting that focused on Amsterdam. ‘Let Me Know The Rules So I Can Ignore Them' was the title and the statement of the impressive installation made by Laser 3.14 and Max Zorn made the very large tape art work ‘My time, My town'.

AT5 (Dutch television) was filming Johra Kornegoor live during the exhibition

These installations and art were removed after Museumnight. But the artists created a new form out of it or they delivered parts which are now for sale in the Museumnight after-sale. View the individual pages of the artists to inform and inspire yourself. And to supplement your collection with these gems that were shown in the museum context which gives the artwork a great value.

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