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On you can buy artworks of street artists that are made especially for and nowhere else for sale. 1 or 2 times a month on Wednesday at exactly 09:00pm cet (21:00 Amsterdam time) we will sell a new work. These works are signed and numbered incl a certificate of authenticity. Check out our shop for available works.

We also deliver other street art services, for more info please check our contact page.

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Sket185 special sale
"30 years anniversary"


Sket185 is an Amsterdam-based artist, member of the Multi Syndicate collective en part of different crews like Euro crew, VOT, SCP and WKC and he regularly works together with great talents from the graffiti and streetart world. Sket185 began in 1985 with making graffiti and has now grown to a didactic and renowned artist. For thirty years Sket185 brightens up the streets and his canvases with his very recognizable, attractive and appealing creations.

All works of art we're offering you are originals, handmade, unique and signed. This collection contains a variety of styles, but also a variety of prizes.

Welcome in Sket185's world!


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